Translated from: Datamaskinerne og samfundet. Copenhagen: Munksgaard, 1967.

Commentary 1990

This is the text of a series of invited lectures, Danmarks Radios Rosenkjærforelæsninger 1966, broadcast on the Danish Radio in April and May 1967. The text of 9.5 Man Is Not a Machine--and Vice Versa, was a follow-up on the lectures, broadcast 17 years later.

Section headings:

  1. The History of Computers From Pascal Until Today
    Pascal and Leibniz in the Seventeenth Century
    Charles Babbage--One Hundred Years Ahead of His Time
    The Era of the Electromechanical Giants
    Electrons and Stored Programs
    The Era of Programming
    Computing in Denmark
  2. Datalogy--the Science of Data
    Data, Data Representations, and Data Processes
    Art and Models as Data
    Data As Tools
    Data Models in Society
    Datalogy in Education
  3. The Structure and Manner of Operation of Computers
    Data Storage in Computers
    The External Communication of Computers
    Data Processes in the Computers
    The Speed of Computers
  4. Programming--the Key to the Flexibility of Computers
    Programs and Machines
    Storage of the Program
    The Problems of Programming
    Higher Level Programming Languages
    Program Translation
    Complete Description of Data Processes
    Computers and Planning
  5. The Applications of Computers Today
    Information Search
    Language Translation
    Language Analysis
    Atomic Reactors
    Highway Design
    Banking and Part Stock Administration
    Production Planning
    Direct Computer Control
  6. Future Perspectives
    Computers in Private Life
    Private Accounts
    Private Advising
    Monitoring of the Society
    Protecting Privacy
    The Thrust of Computers
    National Computer Support
    Denmark's Situation