Translated from: Datalære--læserbrev, Politiken, København, 1980 Oct. 18.

According to a new departmental circular from the Ministry of Education the teaching of datalogy in high school will be taken care of by teachers in sociology, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, without requiring any further background of datalogy from these people than what they can pick up in a few hours of self-study.

It makes my head swim, what on earth is going on in the Ministry?

Is this to be taken seriously? Is their idea that we should return to the school of centuries ago, when any flunked student could get a job as teacher?

Or is their notion that datalogy does not comprise any substantial contents that requires a systematic study to be mastered? Do they consider the lively discussion in the recent years about the lack of competent datalogists and datamaticians both in public and private institutions to be just bosh?

Or are they under such political pressure, perhaps from the organizations of the teachers of the well established subjects, that they are ready to dupe the public by telling that datalogy is in the high school curriculum, although they know perfectly well that the subject is not supported by competent teachers?

One must refuse to believe that the Minister of Education is serious about this circular, it must be a slip of the pen. Let it be withdrawn with all possible speed and replaced by one that the Minister need not be ashamed of.