Translated extracts from: Plan for et kursus i datalogi og datamatik. A/S Regnecentralen, København, 1966 March.

Commentary 1990

The origin of this outline is explained in its preface and in section 3.5 Program Translation Viewed as a General Data Processing Problem. The full course was eventually published as the book Concise Survey of Computer Methods, 1974, Studentlitteratur, Sweden, and Petrocelli Books, Mason/Charter, New York. From this full version chapter 1 is given in the present selection as section 1.2 Data and Their Applications, and chapter 18 as section 5.5 Design and Development of Large Data Systems. These two chapters have therefore been omitted from the present outline. In the present new translation of the outline the terms datalogy, datamatics, and datamaton, have been used, rather than data or computer science, automatic data processing, and computer, as in the Concise Survey of Computer Methods. This as yet another skirmish in the probably lost fight against poor terminology.