Symp. on Design of Programming Language Processors, IFIP Congress 65, New York City. Washington, D. C.: Spartan Books, 1965.


In my experience the storage allocation problem is of vital importance in the design of any programming system. It is a question of overall design, to be tackled very early in the design process. A bad solution will impair all the rest of the work; it will magnify the difficulties of writing the translator and it will reduce the speed of the final system, in bad cases by large factors. In monitors and translators the difficulties of several levels of store may normally be overcome very satisfactorily if the design is based on a careful attention to the existing facilities. During execution the several levels of store may in certain cases be automated away from the sight of the programmer in a successful manner, but this approach has definite limitations and in general the use of the several levels of storage must remain in the hands of the programmer.